How Do We Want to Be?




Our ultimate goal as stated in our vision:

We are called to

meet, lead and inspire people

to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Mission statement

The way we will reach our goal is through our mission:

Our church is a community of faith

within the denomination of

The Reformed Church in America.

Our shared mission is to live out our faith by

meeting people at their point of need,

leading them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

and in turn, inspiring them to reach others.

Core values

To live this mission, we will direct our community’s

time, energy and resources toward the following values first & foremost:

  1. FRIENDSHIP – We build lasting relationships of love and support.

We believe that it is in a community of love and support that we find the strength to live lives that glorify God. Therefore, we pray for one another in our challenges and celebrate with one another in our successes. Without judgment and with open arms, we welcome everyone who enters our doors into our community.

  1. LEARNING – We offer scriptural teaching that is relevant to today’s issues.

We live in a world in which people are desperately searching for answers to today’s issues, questions and problems. We believe that the Bible offers guidance to answer these contemporary topics. We seek to help people discover the power of God’s Word in their lives, and to help individuals grow in a relationship with God. We also believe that the Holy Spirit inspires individuals and gives every believer spiritual gifts, talents and resources. And we seek to help people identify and use these gifts and talents as God’s stewards on earth.

  1. WORSHIP – We exalt God in a powerful worship experience.

We seek to offer worship experiences that are empowered by the Holy Spirit, centered in Christ and open to the unlimited freedom God desires while praising Him; worship that engages our personality, intellect, and spirit.

  1. SERVICE – We reach out in love and compassion to the world outside our congregation.

We are called to reflect the unchanging love, compassion and character of Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to reach the world by sharing our faith and living in relevant ways the message of freedom, forgiveness and healing that is offered through Jesus Christ alone.